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Mrs Malaenge

Dried Pepper

Dried Pepper

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말랭이여사 고추 말랭이 시리즈

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  • Ingredients: dehydrated pepper slices 100%
  • Only nature.  No additives
  • Process: HACCP Certification

Net Weight: red chili pepper(25g), Cheongyang chili pepper (15g)

Storage Method:  Store in a cool and dry place or store in refrigerated after receiving it for longer storage


Mrs. Malaenge makes your busy life easy by offering premium quality dehydrated sliced vegetables and fruits that are ready to eat as snacks or cook.  Hand-selected, best quality fruits with the most sweetness turn into easy sweet chewy snacks.  Seasonal vegetables are selected at the peak time to preserve the most flavor and nutrition.  The dehydrated vegetables make cooking so easy - having the best quality vegetables on hand when you need to make your favorite dish.

‘말랭이여사’는 원물이 좋아야 좋은 말랭이가 나온다고 말합니다.  언제나 퀄리티 높은 원물을 저온 건조하여 깨끗하고 건강하며 맛이 가득 찬 말랭이는 말랭이여사의 자부심이에요.  다채로운 과일말랭이, 채소말랭이가 여러분 요리 스피드와 완성도를 끌어올려줄 거예요.  이젠 생채소와 생과일을 보관하느라 냉장고가 가득차지 않아도 돼요.  그 어떤 첨가물도 넣지 않은 건강함을 자랑합니다.  


Chili peppers are an essential ingredient in Korean kitchens.  Spicy cheongyang peppers give the dishes the proper spiciness.  And the red peppers give the finishing decoration on the jjigae and banchans.  But there is only so much time you can keep the peppers fresh in the fridge.  Mrs. Malaenge dried pepper series are here to save the headache.  Cheongyang chili peppers and red chili peppers are sourced at the peak season at their best, sliced into cooking sizes, and dehydrated in low temperatures.  It will last in your kitchen cabinet for a long time and it is so convenient to take a few chunks into your cooking.   Oh, did we mention, peppers are actually tastier when dried?


Cheongyang Chili Pepper -  strongest fiery flavor to spice up your game 

Red Chili Pepper - pretty red color to brighten up your dishes

한국 요리할 때 고추는 요리의 꽃이죠.  찌개를 먹음직스럽게 마지막 장식하는 홍고추, 칼칼한 맛으로 없는 입맛을 돋구는 청양고추 이 두가지는 늘 냉장고에 상비해 있어야 하는데요.  한국에서 난 최상급 홍고추와 청양고추를 가장 맛있을때 수확해서 저온건조한 말랭이를 소개합니다.  보관도 참 깔끔하고, 조리할 때마다 작은 한 줌의 양만 있으면 되니까 합리적이에요.  이 두 병을 준비해 놓으면 일 년 내내 든든할 거예요.  또 고추는 건조되면서 맛이 더욱 좋아진다는 사실! 


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