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Korean pantry essential set

Korean pantry essential set

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  • Carefully curated Seven (7) items make a gift box for you or your loved one

Transform your meal with our premium Korean sauces & seasonings and transport yourself to the wonderful world of Korean cooking.  Made with only the highest quality ingredients sourced straight from Korea.


Just everything you need to bring Korean cooking into your Kitchen.  This set features:

  • Premium Soy Sauce(Ganjang) (300ml) by Jookjangyeon
  • Premium Deonjang (Soybean Paste ) (150g) by Jookjangyeon
  • Thank-you Gochujang (250g) by Choicest Meal
  • Ms. Jungeun The Happy Fresh Sesame Oil (160ml) by Like Jirisan
  • Anchovy Seafood Soup Stock (130g) by Ganggojip
  • Black Garlic LO Bay Salt (75g) by Haeyeareum
  • Jeju Traditional Fish Sauce (250ml) by Haeeorim

The outer box is covered by hanji (한지, traditional Korean paper).  The luxurious box is finished with magnetic closure.

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