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Heavenly Red Pepper Powder

Heavenly Red Pepper Powder

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하늘정성 내리찬 씻어나온 고춧가루

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  • Farm-to-table philosophy of safely using domestic red peppers
  • HACCP designated factory

Net weight: 200g (7 oz)
Best Before Date: Printed on package
Storage Method: Refrigerate after opening
Product delivered to you will be at least three months from expiration date unless on sale.


Hansaeng produces its Heavenly Red Pepper Powder at a HACCP designated factory by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.  Using carefully selected raw materials, the color is excellent. Safety is secured by foreign material filtering, metal removal, and UV sterilization.

Why so special? 

Only domestic peppers are used, and the hot pepper stem is removed by hand to maintain its unique deep taste.


One of the ingredients that is rarely missing in Korean cuisine is red pepper powder.

Heavenly Red Pepper Powder is made from 100% domestic chili peppers.  The pepper stem is removed by hand to maintain its unique, deep taste.  Even if you don't cook often, this is an easy condiment to grab and shake for a pleasant spiciness in dishes such as soups, stews or side dishes.

* The producer makes two types of red pepper powder - fine and coarse. Coarse is red color as you are familiar with and used mainly for kimchi making. Fine is for cooking and condiments, and its color is a lot milder than red.

한국 음식을 만들때 빠지지 않고 등장하는 재료중 하나가 고춧가루입니다.  살짝 들어간 고춧가루로 그 맛이 확 달라지는걸 느껴보셨나요? 하늘 정성 내리찬 고춧가루는 100% 국내산 고추만을 사용, 고추 꼭지를 손으로 제거하여 고유의 깊은맛을 유지하고,깨끗하고 엄선된 원료의 사용으로 색상이 뛰어나 음식과 조화를 잘 이루는것은 물론, 네다섯차례의 공정을 거쳐 청결하고 위생적입니다.  요리를 많이 하지 않더라도 부담 없이 쓸수있는 소용량으로 준비하였습니다. 딱 기분 좋은 매콤함을 국,찌개, 밑반찬등 각종요리에 더해보세요.

*고춧가루 색깔이 빨갛지 않은 경우는 고운 고춧가루입니다. 드시는데 전혀 지장이 없고 양념용으로 사용하실 수 있어요. 

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