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Happy Tummy Snack Set

Happy Tummy Snack Set

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    • Organic meshil, organic sugar
    • Process: HACCP
    • Red Ginseng Gangjeong with Brown Rice
      Brown rice (Korea) 50%, red ginseng slices 20% (red ginseng 60%, honey 40%), peanuts (Korea) 6%, almonds (USA) 5%, pumpkin seed (China) 6%, starch syrup 10%, rapeseed oil 2% (canola oil), roasted salt

    Net Weight: Meshil (500ml), Red Ginseng Gangjeong with Brown Rice (200g)

    Storage Method: Refrigerate after opening. Nature of fermented extract doesn’t expire but is recommended to use within 3 years of opening.

    Best Before Date: Printed on the package.


    Meshil is a premium maesil extract brand in Korea, paving its way around the world promoting maesil from Hadong area. The modern design that fits the current food trend is secret to Meshil’s quick success.  Meshil was launched in Paris, France in 2018, and quickly distributed among fine-dining Korean restaurants in France, and also sold in Le Bon Marché, one of the most exquisite department stores in Paris.

    Founded in 1965, Poonggi Insam Co is the longest-running ginseng brand. Located in Kyungsang Buk-Do in Poonggi town, the historical region for the famous Koryu Insam from the 1500's, known for the highest quality ginseng compared to any other region in the world. Poonggi Insam Co takes pride in continuing the legend.  




    Maesil is a green plum or green apricot, which actually is the fruit of the famously beautiful cherry blossom tree growing in east Asia.  Maesil has been in Korean kitchen for centuries for its medicinal benefits.  It is used as a first-aid to treat digestive issues and quench thirst, especially in the hot summer.  Maesil is filled with antioxidants, and rich in potassium, iron, magnesium, vitamin B.  The sour stone fruit is typically fermented or pickled, rather than eaten fresh. 

    Red Ginseng Gangjeong with Brown Rice

    Poonggi Insam, the ginseng company you can trust, introduces Red Ginseng Gangjeong, a traditional Korean snack similar to a granola bar. Gangjeong with red ginseng? Now that's an energy bar.

    √ With Brown Rice: Made with honeyed red ginseng slices and crispy brown rice in the traditional method with no artificial additives

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