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Grand Noodle

Grand Shiitake Noodle Set

Grand Shiitake Noodle Set

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  • Artisan & Brand: Grand Noodle, a guksu master since 1987
  • Ingredients:  
    • Wheat flour 72% (USA, Australia), rice 10% (Korea), shitake mushrooms 15% (Korea), sun-dried salt 2.7% (Korea)
  • Recommendation: Put noodles into boiling water and stir for 4-6 mins.  Drain the water.  Cool down with cold water.  Mix with toppings.  Or simply toss with just perilla oil and sea salt to savor the original flavor.
  • Allergy Warning: Produced in the same facility where wheat and buckwheat are processed.
  • Grand Perilla Oil
  • Ingredients: 한국산 들깨  Korean perilla seeds 100%

Storage Method: Refrigerator storage. Store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight.


Grand Noodle is known for their specialty noodles made with the utmost care, using exquisite seasonal ingredients from all over the Korean peninsula to offer limited quantities of the finest noodles possible. This time, they are going with shiitake mushrooms. Grand Noodle has added these lush, flavorful mushrooms, harvested at the peak of the season that runs through March and April. The mushrooms are laboriously farmed on a farm in the Shinwon region of Geochang deep in the mountains. It is said to be the deepest and highest altitude farm in Shinwon. The mushrooms are grown on oak trees using only natural bedrock groundwater from 4 feet under. Such care gives you plump, chewy organic mushrooms with deeply aromatic flavors. Grand Noodle has ground up these aromatic mushrooms and added in abundance to their textured noodles. With this much devotion, it’s no wonder their noodles taste so good.

Try the shiitake mushroom noodles tossed in nothing but perilla seed oil to experience a whole new kind of flavor pairing. Mix them with light seasoning soy sauce topped with grilled assorted mushrooms or beef, or accompanied by delicate vegetables.


A Guksu Master Kim Hyun Kyu started Grand Noodle in 1987.  He thought guksu made of wheat was tasteless and didn’t contain nutrition values.  He was committed to producing healthy, nutritious noodles with seasonal food and ingredients.  After many years of experiments, Master Kim founded his perfect mix rate for his noodles with carefully selected chives, sweet pumpkin, rice, beet and black rice.   


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