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For the Love of Apples Bundle

For the Love of Apples Bundle

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  • Artisan & Brand: Grand Noodle
  • Ingredients: Flour (USA, Australia) 55%, apple (Korea) 35%, rice (Korea) 10%, sea salt (Korea)  밀가루 55%(미국산, 호주산), 사과 35% (한국산), 쌀 10%(한국산), 천일염(한국산)
  • Allergy Warning: Produced in the same facility where wheat and buckwheat are processed.
  • Storage Method: Refrigerator storage. Store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight
  • Sweet Apple Sauce Vinegar: 100% apple concentrate
  • Storage Method: Refrigerator storage. Store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight

The Guksu Master Kim Hyun Kyu started Grand Noodle in 1987. He thought guksu made of wheat did not have any taste as well as not enough nutritional value. He was committed to producing healthy, nutritious noodles with seasonal food and ingredients.

Chosanjeong is a vinegar company located in Yecheon, Gyeongsangbuk-do, a region with crystal clear waters and pristine air quality. It has been producing fine quality fermented vinegar for three generations since 1946.



Grand Noodle is known for their specialty noodles made with the utmost care, using exquisite seasonal ingredients from all over the Korean peninsula to offer limited quantities of the finest noodles possible.  In apples, vitamin C is contained in the skin and the flesh immediately below.  So the fruits are thoroughly washed and reduced down to a jam-like puree with salt before adding them to the dough.  Made with 35% apples, you can taste the delicious apple flavor in the noodles.

Chosanjeong, located in Gyeongsngbuk-do, is a third-generation family-owned company making fine quality fermented gamhyang vinegar.

Sweet Apple Sauce Vinegar is made by reducing generous amounts of apples grown at the bottom of Mt. Sobek in iron pots, giving it a smoother and deeper taste than the Sweet Citrus Vinegar.  You can pretty much use it anywhere you’d use balsamic vinegar.

  • Mix it with olive oil (equal parts for best results) over the noodles or to dip bread, and you can really taste the subtle flavor of apples
  • Boil the apple noodles and add them to your dish, then garnish with julienned fresh apples for an exquisite finish
  • Pork and apple pair well together, so you can serve them as a side dish
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