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Earl Grey Lovers Gift

Earl Grey Lovers Gift

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Honey Earl Grey Bottle

  • Use best quality 1+ grade domestic honey that has passed the standards of 25 authorized tests by the Korea Beekeeping Association.
  • It contains the pure taste and aroma of nature without preservatives, artificial pigments and artificial sweeteners added.
  • Low temperature sterilization preserves the good ingredients of the raw materials.
  • Net Weight: 355g
  • Storage Method: Store in room temperature without sunlight.

Honey Earl Grey Caramel

  • Experience the taste of a cup of Earl Grey milk tea melting in your mouth as soon as you pop one in.
  • Ingredients: corn syrup, sugar, hydrogenated oil, hydrogenated skimmed milk, shortening, skimmed milk powder, D- sorbitol solution, cereal processed product, acacia honey, black tea extract, cereal processed product, refined salt, flavor (Earl Grey flavor), emulsifier I, emulsifier II *Contains milk, wheat, soy
  • Net Weight: 50g (5g x 10 each)
  • Storage method: Please store at room temperature and avoid direct sunlight.



Honey Earl Grey Bottle: Every tea drinker knows Earl Grey tea, the world’s favorite flavored tea. Honey with a strong, flavorful black tea blended with aromatic earl grey and sweet warming spices. Fresh, fragrant and flavored with distinctive notes of Sri Lankan black tea, this Earl Grey honey has all the taste of the original. Brighten up your day with the distinctive taste and aroma of this classic honey tea. It is also a good substitute for syrup on French toast.


Enjoy Earl Grey Honey of WORKERBEE, which is loved as a blending honey that you can choose according to your taste, with caramel. The rich flavor of Earl Gray honey is finished with a chewy caramel texture. With the harmony of bitter black tea leaves and honey caramel, you can feel the soft taste like a cup of Earl Gray milk tea. I cut it into small pieces that can be eaten in one bite and packaged. When you need a break or when you want to eat something sweet, take them out one by one and enjoy. A real melt in your mouth flavor that you definitely won't want to share. A perfect treat or gift idea for the earl grey tea and caramel addict in your life.


WORKERBEE is a honey brand that expands honey consumption into young generation’s daily life and supports local bee farms and honeybees protection. WORKERBEE Blended Honey adds natural ingredients to Jirisan Mountain forest honey in a traditional way to provide a new and rich flavor. Why don’t you try novel flavors of chocolate/mojito/lemon/ ginger/rose/vanilla/cinnamon beyond the common acacia/wildflower/ chestnut flower honey.

‘WORKERBEE Blended Honey’ enables you to easily enjoy a selection of honey depending on your preference about new flavor in a variety of ways like sauces, syrups, and jams. Experience honey that can be easily available in everyday life like ketchup or mustard.

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