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Changeok Tteokjib

Cloud Rice Cake

Cloud Rice Cake

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창억떡집 해풍쑥구름떡 & 쫄깃한흑미구름떡

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Individually-wrapped Cloud Rice Cakes make the perfect treat when you're on the go.


Mugwort: Glutinous rice, sugar, sea salt, walnut, chestnut, jujube, dried mugwort, pine nuts

Black Rice: Glutinous rice, black glutinous rice, sugar, sea salt, walnut, chestnut, jujube, pine nuts

Net Weight: 14.11 oz (400g)

Allergy warning: Contains soybean. Manufactured in a facility that also processes egg, wheat, and soybean.

Serving Size: 1 piece (40g)

Special Information: 

해풍쑥구름떡 : 찹쌀가루[찹쌀(한국산)65%, 정제수, 설탕, 천일염(한국산)], 정제수, 호두(미국산), 밤(한국산), 설탕, 대추(한국산), 건조쑥(한국산)0.97%, 잣(한국산)

쫄깃한 흑미구름떡 : 찹쌀가루(흑미b)[찹쌀(한국산), 정제수, 흑미찹쌀(한국산)9.6%, 설탕, 천일염(한국산)]62.5%, 정제수, 호두(미국산), 밤(한국산), 설탕, 대추(한국산), 잣

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Changeok Rice Cake House started in a small corner shop at an outdoor market in Gwangju in 1965.  More than 50 years later, Changeok Rice Cake House has expanded their offerings and is beloved by people from all corners of Korea.  

The secret is the founder's philosophy - “Spend more money on buying better ingredients than the competitors.  The rice cake is for my family, my children, and my neighbors, to give them joy.  Make healthy and quality food for love over profit.”

1965년 광주 동명동 도내기 시장에서 시작된 작은 창억떡집은 50여 년이 흐른 지금, 광주와 전남 지역을 대표하는 떡집이자 어엿한 식품 기업, ‘창억떡’으로 성장했습니다.  한국 최대 규모(나주 공장 3,400여 평) 생산라인을 갖추고 떡 공정에 최첨단 원스톱 시스템으로 위생적인 생산을 하고 있습니다.  


In Korea, some rice cakes are called "cloud" rice cakes. When these cakes are cut in half, their cross-section resembles a cloud layer. Traditionally, crumbled red bean paste is added into glutinous rice cake with nuts and allowed to form a mold. This allows different layers to form, giving the "cloud" appearance.

Changeok Rice Cake has opted to do away with these layers, instead using only mugwort or black rice to produce the distinctive cloud patterns.

Both flavors, mugwort and black rice, are made with 100% glutinous Korean rice. We suggest drizzling a bit of honey on top of the cakes for an added touch of sweetness. Combine with a drink [] and you have an elegant table of Korean refreshments.

Mugwort Rice Cakes are made with mugwort, a mystical medicinal plant that appears in ancient Korean lore. It's typically grown in coastal environments and is loved for its unique taste and aroma.

The rice used to create Black Rice Cakes is cherished for its distinct color and flavors. The harmonious combination of chunky nuts and chewy rice cake is not to be missed.

고운 자연의 색으로 만든 구름떡 2종

‘구름떡’이란 말이 친숙하면서도 귀여운데요, 떡을 자르면 단면이 구름의 층처럼 보인다고 해서 지어진 이름이에요. 전통적인 제작 방식은 여러가지 견과류를 섞은 찰떡에 볶은 팥앙금가루를 넣어 자연스럽게 불규칙한 층이 생기도록 틀에 넣어 굳히는데요, 창억떡집의 구름떡은 층을 내지 않고 쑥과 흑미가 내는 단정한 컬러와 모양새가 돋보이도록 했어요.

  • 100% 한국산 찹쌀을 사용해서 쫄깃함이 남다르고요, 각종 고소한 견과류가 속속 박혀 있어 베어물 때마다 다른 맛을 전해줘요.
  • 음료와 함께 한 두개씩 플레이팅해서 내면 우아한 한식 다과상이 되죠.
  • 꿀이나 견과류를 토핑해서 드셔도 정말 좋겠죠.


향긋한 해풍쑥을 주재료로 했어요. 한국의 신화에도 등장할만큼 신비로운 약용식물 쑥이란 이런 맛과 향이구나하며 음미하게 되죠.


흑미의 다크한 컬러와 달콤하고 고소한 맛이 눈과 입을 두배로 즐겁게 해줘요. 견과류의 오독오독한 식감과 찹쌀의 쫀득한 식감이 어우러지며 입안 가득!

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