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Organic Daam Superfood Powder

Organic Daam Superfood Powder

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청오건강 유기농 담선식

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  • Ingredients: 22 healthy elements of grains, fruits, vegetables, seaweed and probiotics.  Korean ingredients (94.7%); Organic ingredients (95.5%)
  • Process: No additives.  No chemical process.  Cleanly processed at HACCP-certified facility.  

Best Use: This is so versatile that you can take it for anything as each pack is full of nutrition rich ingredients.
Best Before Date: Printed on package
Storage Method: Room temperature.  Store in a cool and dry place.  
Product delivered to you will be at least two months from expiration date unless on sale.


Chung-O is the pioneer of Korean organic movement.  Since 1993 when it started as a baby food company, Chung-O team has traveled to every corner in Korea to convince farmers to grow organic crops.  Now all of over 100 contracted farms supply organically and environment-friendly grown crops.  All of the farms are at least pesticide-free for at least three years.

Every sprout grain and seed from Chung-O is washed 3-5 times to ensure they are super clean.


Organic Daam Superfood Powder is a perfect item for the busy or the health conscious.  Our trusted producer Chung-O packed 22 super healthy, colorful elements including organic grains, Korean fruits, vegetables, seaweed and probiotics into each pack of 15.  You can taste savory, sweet flavors all at the same time. 

Convenience often comes at the expense of quality ingredients and nutritions.  Daam Superfood Powder gives you the convenience as well.  Each pack can be your breakfast on the go if you take a shaker filled with water, soy milk or milk.  This can also serve as a nutritious mid-day snack.  And it’s very clean.  Every grain was washed 3-5 times before being processed.  

Organic Daam Superfood Powder received Organic Agricultural Products Certification from Korea’s MAFRA equivalent to USDA Organic Certification.  Each box contains 15 packs of 38g (1.34 oz) powders.

분주한 아침 시간, 빨리 먹을 수 있는 식사만 생각하다 보니 건강은 뒷전으로 밀릴 때가 많지요.  유기농 곡류와 국내산 과일과 채소, 해초류와 유산균까지 22가지 건강한 재료를 담아낸 유기농 담선식으로 건강과 편리함을 동시에 누려보세요.  

곱게 가루 낸 선식은 물, 유유나 두유에 타서 마시면 되니 무척 간단합니다.  고소함과 달콤함을 동시에 못볼 수 있고 포만감도 이어져 하루의 시작이 즐거워집니다.  3-5회씩 깨끗하게 세척을 하기에 더욱 안심하고 드실 수 있어요.  출출한 오후, 건강한 간식으로도 적당하고 체중조절하시는 분들의 저녁식사 대용으로도 안성맞춤입니다. 

농림축산식품부로부터 유기가공식품 인증을 받았습니다.

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