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Zodiac: Capricorn (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19)

Zodiac: Capricorn (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19)

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Organic Tartary Buckwheat Tea: Earthy and full of antioxidants, Organic Tartary Buckwheat Tea made from Tartary buckwheat grown in Korea is a comforting way to keep your body warm and healthy.

Ingredients: Organic Tartary buckwheat (Korea) 100%

Bellflower Extract: Seoga's bellflower extract is made using the royal palace’s method with a chewy texture.

Ingredients: Bellflower sugar extract 80% (Korea)

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Your slow-moving planetary ruler, Saturn, is all about persevering for the long haul. Consuming nutrition rich foods is just another way of showing how you love little things that go a long way.


Organic Tartary Buckwheat Tea
Tartary buckwheat tea, which has a far yellower tint than your common buckwheat, contains high levels of rutin, a flavonoid. It also acts as a vitamin C booster, which means pairing the tea with fruits rich in vitamins C is a winning combination.

The tea is made using only fine-quality organic Tartary buckwheat grown in the pristine region of Gangwon-do, Korea. With hulls removed, the groats are hot air roasted quickly, which creates air pockets inside that help hot water to absorb faster and release a more decadent flavor when steeping the tea.

Pour ¼ gallon of boiling water to about 1 teaspoon of tea and steep for 60 seconds or more. A tiny amount can give you a rich, flavorful pot, so a box of Organic Tartary Buckwheat will go a long way. Contains 2 pouches of 1.8 oz tea.

Bellflower Extract
Seoga uses only Korean bellflowers that are 3-4 years old. The bellflower fields in Dangsan Village in Yeoju and Okya Village in Andong use pesticide-free sulfur fermented compost. In addition, the soil is deep and organic matter content is high, so it grows while maintaining strong roots.

Seoga made with the grain of the bellflower, delicately and softly, and the well-boiled bellflower is steamed once again to make the surface moist.

Check point:

  • Only 100% Gyeongju-grown ingredients are made.
  • No artificial food additives are used.
  • It is carefully made with only 100 hours of waiting.

We recommend to eat such as :

  • Mix in warm water and drink it. Even if you mix it in warm water, it is enough to feel the original taste of the ingredients.
  • Serve it on top of ice cream, rice cake, bread, etc. You can feel a new taste with the chewy texture and the sweet.
  • Take a tablespoonful amount in the morning on an empty stomach without any additions. As it leaves a chewy texture, you can enjoy both the charm of the deep flavor and texture even if you eat it raw.

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