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Bellflower Health Set (Sell by 11/5/23)

Bellflower Health Set (Sell by 11/5/23)

SELL BY 11/05/2023

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Bellflower Jelly in Soybean Powder: Wild honey, bellflower, Yellow soybean

Net Weight: 70g

Allergy warning: Honey, soybean

Bellflower Extract: Bellflower sugar extract 80% (Korea)

Net Weight: 280g

Storage Method: Store at room temperature in a well-ventilated, cool, and dry place away from exposure to direct sunlight. 



Seoga wants to keep Korean traditional cuisine passed down from the royal family.

With the heart of serving the king with the most precious ingredients in the royal palace, Seoga is making snacks with clean Korean ingredients, a production method handed down from generation to generation, and 100 hours of dedication. They never use preservatives, artificial sweeteners, or artificial colors, and only 100% Korean ingredients. Feel the old-fashioned style of the Korean royal palace with Seoga that have continued.



Check point:

  • Only 100% Gyeongju-grown ingredients are made.
  • No artificial food additives are used.
  • It is carefully made with only 100 hours of waiting.

5 special crafting methods of Seoga:

  1. Seoga uses the grain of the bellflower to delicately and gently care for the bellflower.
  2. The bellflower is carefully brewed for over 100 hours.
  3. The well-boiled jeonggwa is steamed once again to moisten the surface of it.
  4. The tablets are dried slowly for a long time at the optimum room temperature.
  5. As grains ripen, the deep taste is matured through three days of aging.

Recommendation for the Bellflower Extract:

  • Mix in warm water and drink it. Even if you mix it in warm water, it is enough to feel the original taste of the ingredients.
  • Serve it on top of ice cream, rice cake, bread, etc. You can feel a new taste with the chewy texture and the sweet.
  • Take a tablespoonful amount in the morning on an empty stomach without any additions. As it leaves a chewy texture, you can enjoy both the charm of the deep flavor and texture even if you eat it raw.
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