[LIMITED QUANTITY] Easy Summer Drink Kit

Kim'C Market

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[LIMITED QUANTITY] Easy Summer Drink Kit
[LIMITED QUANTITY] Easy Summer Drink Kit
[LIMITED QUANTITY] Easy Summer Drink Kit
[LIMITED QUANTITY] Easy Summer Drink Kit
[LIMITED QUANTITY] Easy Summer Drink Kit
[LIMITED QUANTITY] Easy Summer Drink Kit
[LIMITED QUANTITY] Easy Summer Drink Kit

Keep your summer cool, easy and refreshing with Kim'C Market's Summer Drink Set! 

This set includes:

For a limited time only, enjoy a taste of some of Korea's favorite refreshers in the comfort of your own home with this hassle-free kit! 

Some drink ideas:

  • Chung-O Organic Multi Grain Powder + Workerbee Honey Mini-Pack (Vanilla): Shake a packet of Chung-O's Multi Grain Powder with your favorite choice of milk and add Workerbee's Vanilla Honey for a delightfully sweet and easy on-the-go breakfast! 

  • Jeju Nature Hallabong Vinegar + Your Favorite Sparkling Water: Enjoy a cool and easy refresher just by adding a few tablespoons of Jeju Nature's Hallabong Vinegar to your favorite sparkling water! Add a couple ice cubes and enjoy throughout the day!

  • Chung-O Organic Multi Grain Powder + Espresso: Combine Chung-O's Multi Grain Powder with your favorite milk and a nice espresso shot for a healthy, filling multi-grain latte! Add ice cubes to make it hot weather-appropriate!



Chung-O is the pioneer of Korean organic movement. Since 1993 when it started as a baby food company, Chung-O team traveled to every corner in Korea to convince farmers to grow organic crops. Now all of over 100 contracted farms supply organically and environment-friendly grown crops. All of the farms are at least pesticide-free for at least three years.

Every sprout grain and seed from Chung-O is washed 3-5 times to ensure they are super clean.


Founded in 2018, Local Works Inc. is a blended honey manufacturer that adds natural ingredients to honey to manufacture safe and clean blended honey at its HACCP-certified manufacturing plant. LOCAL WORKS Inc. is loved a lot by consumers after having relieved inconveniences with using existent honey by improving its containers so that they can be used without stickiness, improving the speed of honey melting in cold water so that it can be well melted even in ice water, and introducing sensual packages that are good for gifts.

Jeju Nature Vinegar:

Jeju Nature & Vinegar is a Jeju-based brand that produces vinegars using only Jeju fruits and plants following traditional fermentation methods. It supports the island’s farmers.


Chung-O Organic Multi Grain Powder

  • Brand & Artisan: Chung-O is best known for its sprout grain and powder mix, and organic food products

  • Process: Every organic grain and seed is washed 3-5 times. Organic Agricultural Products Certification (농림축산식품부 유기가공식품 인증). HACCP Certification.

Workerbee Honey Mini-Pack (Vanilla)

  • Process: HACCP

  • Use best quality 1+ grade domestic honey that has passed the standards of 25 authorized tests by the Korea Beekeeping Association. 

  • It contains the pure taste and aroma of nature without preservatives, artificial pigments and artificial sweeteners added. 

  • Low-temperature sterilization preserves the good ingredients of the raw materials. 

Jeju Nature Hallabong Vinegar (Best Before 8/19/21)

  • Ingredients: 100% Jeju Hallabong, tangerine, and honey.  No preservatives.

  • Process: Fermentation in Korean jars

  • Use: Salad dressing, home made fruits ade, sparkling water drink, yogurt and vinegar replacement