Explore the Best Korean Soy Sauces and Fish Sauces At Kim’C Market

Soy and fish sauces like spices and herbs add flavor to Korean cuisine. These sauces are available in versatile varieties due to their manufacturing process as well as ingredients. 

Korean Soy Sauce or Ganjang

The brown and salty fermented soybean sauce has been a prominent part of Korean dishes for the past 2000 years. This sauce with color variations ranging from deep brown to yellowish-brown is responsible for adding a salty dash to food. In preparations involving stew and fish, it offers a simple balance and consistency.

The soy sauce is a byproduct after fermenting soybean paste known as doenjang. It only contains salt, water, and soybeans. This sauce is a prime ingredient in Korean cuisine.

It is available in two prime types-

Guk-ganjang- It is an authentic sauce that only contains soy, salt, and water. It is also known as Korean soup soy sauce or guk-ganjang. It is mainly essential for seasoning stews and soups. 

Whe-ganjang – It is another type of Korean soy sauce but not necessarily a byproduct of fermented soybean. It has a deep brown color compared to guk-ganjang and is essential to make marinades, dipping sauce, and braising meat. 

Kim’C Market, a leading online Korean grocery store, also features onion-flavored soy sauces known as mat ganjang.

Korean Fish Sauce

Koran fish sauce features a salty, savory, mildly sweet, and umami flavor offering. It is a better alternative to soup soy sauce, a side dish, and a prime ingredient in multiple Korean recipes. 

It is available in varieties like Mulch Aecjeot or Korean anchovy sauce, Saeujeot or salted fermented shrimp sauce, and Kkanari Aecjeot or Sand lance sauce. It is an essential ingredient in Kimchi and is known for accelerating its fermentation process.

Kim’C Market’s Korean soy and fish sauce range 

Sourced from different regions of Korea, the authentic Korean soy and fish sauce range features multiple varieties. All sauces are made with a traditional manufacturing process and pass stringent quality checks. The delivery chain ensures Korean food lovers get the best Korean soy sauces and Korean fish sauces delivered right to their doorstep.