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Seafood and seaweed are a prominent part of Korean cuisine. A wide variety of fish and seaweed is part of many Korean dishes. Korean dishes utilizing seafood include Korean seafood soups, fish stews, grilled shellfish, fermented skate, and more. 

Korean seaweed

Seaweed is available in different varieties and is an essential part of Korean grocery items and other authentic Korean ingredients. Since ancient times, Korean seaweed has been utilized in Korean food owing to its abundant nutrition supply and other health benefits. This super healthy ingredient is also used in preparing traditional dishes like Korean seaweed soup -a prime dish for traditional birthday celebrations.

Seaweed is a rich source of vitamins, calcium, iron, iodine, and protein content. Dried Korean seaweed is the best low-calorie snack. Due to its umami taste, the seaweed is used in preparing side dishes like banchan. It can also be added to bibimbap, eaten as a fried snack, or added to soups.

Korean seafood

Korean cuisine makes use of varieties of fish in different forms. Raw seafood is also a favorite among Korean food lovers. As seafood is a rich source of protein and vitamins, it is an essential part of a healthy Korean meal.

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