In the rice cake collection, you can find high quality, natural rice cakes that Kim'C Market is very proud of.  Everything is from 100% Korean rice harvested in Korea. 

Kim'C Market branded rice cakes are only available in the U.S. and it's special that we use only single-origin, premium Korean rice that we mill freshly in New York City.  We create colors by mixing the rice dough with natural ingredients of beets, pumpkins, mugwort, and purple sweet potato.  

Explore Premium Korean Rice Cake Range by Kim’C Market

Korean rice cakes, also known as Tteokbokki, are authentic Korean dishes with multiple versions. This cuisine is present at every celebration among Koreans and Korean food lovers. Rice cakes offer an extensive range of flavors from fiery, sweet, and salty, or a combination of all three.

Korean rice cakes have a chewy texture and use compressed Korean rice. They are available in cylindrical and disk forms. One can add Korean spicy rice cakes to stir fry, soups, or sauces. They are also a light snacking option with fewer calories.

Kim’C Market Features an Extensive Range of Rice Cakes!

Those looking for terms like “Korean rice cakes near me,” can explore Kim’C Market’s Korean rice cake offerings -

Korean Sweet Rice Cakes - These are perfect for those who crave sweet treats. The Korean grocery store offers a DIY honey rice cake kit. It includes all the essentials for easily making Kkultteok or honey rice cakes.

Kim’C Market Natural-colored Rice Cake- The authentic and 100 percent natural rice cakes are available in five colors and use top-quality and single-origin Korean white rice. The rice cakes get colors from natural sources like beetroot, purple sweet potato, and pumpkin. These rice cakes are steamed, cooled, and then packed in vacuum-sealed packets.

Authentic Special Occasion Rice Cakes- The online Korean grocery market also offers an exclusive gifting range. Customers can send these Korean rice cakes to their loved ones in Korea on special occasions. These rice cakes are available in different varieties – sweet and savory.

Explore Authentic Korean Rice Cakes offered by Kim’C Market

Korean food lovers who are browsing Google for 'where to buy Korean rice cakes in the U.S.' can check out the premium Korean rice cake range by Kim’C Market. All the products use freshly milled quality Korean rice and natural colors. Every product by the online grocery store undergoes stringent quality checks, ensuring fresh and authentic Korean rice cake delivery at your doorstep.