Korean Noodles

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Korean noodles are heaven for noodle lovers and are among the top delicious noodles around the world. These noodles are generally made from wheat flour or buckwheat. The best Korean noodles are thin, brown, and made from buckwheat. They can make a hearty meal and go well with different soups with anchovy stock, poultry, or beef. Prominent Korean noodle variety include

Korean Glass Noodles

Glass noodles are another prominent part of Korean cuisines. These noodles are seen mainly in soups, salads, stir-fries, and hot pots. Popularly known as cellophane noodles, fensi, or bean thread noodles, they usually have a white or light brown color and are dry-packed. Upon cooking, these noodles get a transparent appearance which renders their name glass noodles. Korean glass noodles have a neutral taste, thus making them a versatile noodle category. These noodles soak the flavors and sauces and go well with many dishes.

Korean Instant Noodles

Another famous noodle variety is the Korean instant noodles which come in different variants. These quick and easy-to-make noodles are perfect for those looking for authentic Korean noodles in a short time. These delicious noodles are a favorite among Korean food lovers and make the perfect meal for those midnight cravings.

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