Fermented Food

Korea is known for its best-fermented foods, packed with probiotics to keep your digestive system healthy and your gut happy. Kimchi and jeotgal are just a few of the fermented icons that can be found in Korean cuisine. Our artisanal producers put a long time and effort into crafting their premium fermented products. Several health benefits of fermented foods are associated with fermentation. Fermented foods are often more nutritious than their unfermented form. Kim'C Market offers clean, flavor-rich, no-preservatives-added, and authentic Korean fermented food lines. 오랜 시간과 정성을 들여 만든 발효식품 중에서도 정직한 생산자가 만든 것만을 여러분과 나누고자 합니다. 화학첨가물 없는, 건강한 먹거리만을 드립니다.
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