To capture the fresh taste of Korean produce we’ve teamed up with Korean farmers to bring you a curated collection of squeezed juice made from Korea’s select fruits.  One sip is all it takes to have your tastebuds jumping for joy!  The freshness of our juices will have you transported to the vibrant fields of Jeju, Korea in no time.
그렇게 달고 맛있는 한국산 과일이 왜 우리 주변 마켓에서 사면 그만큼 맛이 안 날까요?  미국까지의 거리를 감안해 과일이 익기 한참 전에 수확해 바닷길로 가져오기 때문일 거에요.  그렇다면 맛있는 한국 과일을 미국에서 제대로 즐길 수 있는 현실적인 방법은?  당도가 충분히 올라온, 잘 익은 과일로 만든 주스를 섭취하는 걸 거에요.  무농약 혹은 유기농 과일로 만든 주스를 드립니다. 

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Korean drinks are as vivid and delicious as Korean snacks and offer a wide variety. These drinks have distinct flavors, right from sweet to tangy. At times these drinks also make up for a fulfilling meal. Korean beverages include nearly 200 categories ranging from teas, grain drinks, fresh fruit juices, and soft drinks. 

Korean soft drinks are a prime part of Korean drinks. However, they are different than typical mass-produced sweet carbonated liquids. Korean soft drinks offer a distinct taste even for those who do not usually opt for carbonated drinks. These drinks have a fruity flavor and are not very sweet.

Korean health drinks benefits

Korean Health Drinks include a wide range of fruit juices, soy milk, and teas. The all-time favorite tangerine juices sourced from organic farms are the best for those who love healthy fruit drinks. Citrus fruit juices like grape, apple, and cherry juices provide a sweet yet tangy flavor with added health benefits.

Korean soy milk is another health drink that is a part of the everyday Korean breakfast. This protein-rich drink provides multiple benefits to the body by preventing obesity and improves cardiovascular health. It is perfect for vegans who are looking for alternatives to cow milk.

Tea is also considered another prominent health drink. Korean teas have a wide range for every tea drinker. With their antioxidant properties, these teas are perfect for treating digestion-related ailments, strengthen the immune system, and support weight loss.

Explore The Wide Range Korean drinks

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