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Take a look at the exclusive range of Korean Spices and Herbs 

Spices and herbs provide any food its distinct flavors and aroma. Particularly Korean food is famous for its spicy flavor offering. Food choices in Korean cuisine or han shik vary from region to region. It involves multiple ingredients from Korea, which define the staple recipes in different areas. 

Common Korean spices involve Manul or Korean garlic, Aekjeot or fish sauce, Gochugaru or hot pepper flakes, and more. 

Kim’C Market features a select category of Korean Spices and Herbs 

Black sesame – Ggaesogeum or sesame seeds from the sesame plant are dried, slow-roasted, and crushed in powder forms. Korean dishes use this condiment as garnish or constituents of dipping sauces. One can use sesame seeds in Korean foods in the following ways 

  • Korean cuisines as whole seeds known as Tong Kkae 
  • Roasted seeds called Bokken Kkae or Bokkeum Chamkkae
  • Roasted seeds crushed and mixed with salt called Kkae Sogeum

These seeds are a prime component of Korean herbs and provide a nutty flavor to the dish.

Garlic- Manul or garlic is another prime Korean spice that forms a part of almost all Korean dishes except plain rice or dessert. It adds flavor to stews, soups, main dishes, and side dishes. Online grocery stores like Kim’C Market feature this prominent spice in the form of fresh garlic tablets one can readily mix with water and add to any dish while cooking.

Ginger- Saenggang or ginger is added in dishes like Kimchi or sauces. This Korean herb is also a part of Korean tea. Dried and frozen Korean ginger tablets are the best option in quick prep like stews or side dishes.

Korean spice offerings by Kim’C Market also include pine-infused salt, roasted and sprouted sesame seeds, and Cheongyang chili pepper tablets.

Korean herbs and spices by the leading online grocery chain come from the local farms of Korea. Every product ensures high-quality, approved by Kim’C Market standards. The online store delivers these authentic Korean grocery products right at the doorstep across the U.S.