Gochujang (Red Chili Paste)

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Gochujang is a fermented red chili paste prominently used in Korean cuisines. It has a spicy, sweet, and savory taste and pairs well with stir fry and hotpots. In terms of shelf life, after opening, Korean gochujang sauce can last up to a few years and can be stored in a refrigerator.

What are the ingredients of the Gochujang paste?

Gochujang paste is a Korean condiment consisting of ingredients like Gochugaru (Korean chili powder), sssalgaru (rice powder), salt, and fermented soybean. Traditionally to make gochujang, it is essential to store the paste in clay vessels or jangdok and age the paste for 3 to 6 months in full sun.

The Korean gochujang sauce has a deeper tomato flavor with a sweet, spicy, and sour taste. It gets its complex flavor with a salt-like umami dash from its fermentation process. The bits of the sweetness of this paste are due to the use of Korean chili. Gochujang is available mainly in two varieties- hot and mild, depending on the spice preference. 

Uses of gochujang in Korean cuisine

Gochujang sauce is used as a stew base in dishes like Tteokbokki, Korean Army Stew or Budae Jjigae, and Spicy Korean Chicken Stir Fry or Dakgalbi. Its use also involves adding spice to dipping sauces, as a marination paste for meats, and impart a savory flavor to soups. Click here to read more about how to use gochujang 

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