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Gammi Set

Gammi Set

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감미 세트

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Why So Special:

  • Sold at premium grocery stores throughout New York
  • Suitable for sweetening coffee and tea instead of unhealthy refined sugar
  • Use instead of sugar when making ribs seasoning or making pancakes
  • Sugar free sweetener
  • Also known as Bee-Free Honey

      Kim’C Market offers foods only made with premium and natural ingredients.  Our company was founded with the quest to source and provide safe, healthy food options.  We carefully selected and interviewed producers to start selling direct-to-consumers online.

      Our Korean producers have honest and special stories to share We wanted to pass this on in gift form for you and your loved ones.  All ingredients are produced in Korea, the quality is proven and packaging is great.

      We are confident you can’t go wrong with a delicious gift as these sets for your loved ones.


      The GAMMI Set Features:

      • Two flavors using homegrown grains and sugar-free sweeteners; Whole Grain Syrup and Citron Grain Syrup
      • Product introduction and greeting card
      • Three simple, delicious recipes using the contents in box
      • The outer box is covered by hanji (한지, traditional Korean paper)
      • The luxurious box is finished with magnetic closure


      For his young daughter, Nahee, who suffers from severe eczema, her father, an engineer, returned to his hometown, Goheung, Jeollanam-do.  Creating a syrup with his own harvested rice, barley and citron, he used the syrups to replace all sugar.  The company started with only four employees, producing farm to bottle syrups.

      심각한 아토피로 고생하는 어린 딸 나희를 위해 엔지니어 출신 아빠는 고향인 전남 고흥으로 귀향했습니다.  직접 재배한 쌀, 보리, 유자로 조청시럽을 만들어 설탕 들어가는 모든 것에 대신 사용했더니 나희 상태가 많이 좋아졌어요.  그래서 시작한, 전직원이 4명뿐인 회사가 직접 농사에서부터 생산, 병에 담는 과정까지를 모두 담당합니다.

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