Premium Soy Sauce (Ganjang)

죽장연 간장

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Premium Soy Sauce (Ganjang)
Premium Soy Sauce (Ganjang)
Premium Soy Sauce (Ganjang)
Premium Soy Sauce (Ganjang)
Premium Soy Sauce (Ganjang)
  • Ingredients: All natural, all locally sourced Korean ingredients
  • Brand & Artisan: Farmers in the Valley of Jookjang-ri, Korea
  • Production Process: 1,000 days of fermentation

No chemical additives such as preservatives, artificial colorings or synthetic seasoning.

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Jookjangyeon is located in Jookjang-ri, situated in the valley on the eastern seaside of Korea. Jookjang-ri valley is perfect for a doenjang and gochujang farm. The valley of Jookjang-ri receives warmth of the sun from sunrise to sunset.
Jookjangyeon is honest. Every ingredient is from nature; soybeans, sun-dried sea salt, even the earthen pot for fermentation. All ingredients are sourced directly from local farms in the area. And these farmers are the makers of Jookjangyeon. They farm during the warm seasons, then come to make doenjang and gochujang during the winter season. Using the produce they raised, these farmers put their love and care from the very beginning to the end.

Meet our producers: 

Why so special? Beauty of 1,000

Fermentation is the art of time and care. It takes 1,000 days deliver this special sauce to your kitchen. At Jookjangyeon, farmers grow the soybeans for 200 days. After the harvest, maeju (fermented soybean block) is dried for 50 days, then fermented 20 days. This fermented maeju is mixed with other ingredients for another 60 days of fermentation, and 2 years of final aging to reveal its rich flavor.

Even the salt used for Jookjangyeon products is a special sun-dried sea salt that has gone through 3 years of natural bittern-removal process. This purifying process removes bitterness from the natural salt.

Like a good vintage wine, Jookjangyeon products are different each year. To capture the essence of natural beauty, Jookjangyeon only produces 1,000 earthen pots each year. How many vintage years have you tried?

    Time to upgrade your soy sauce with Jookjangyeon Ganjang. This vintage soy sauce is smooth, savory and has depth to the flavor that only comes from a long fermentation period.
    • Jookjangyeon Ganjang is savory - that umaminess everyone is talking about. It has hint of sweetness, mellow saltiness, and complex flavors. Cook, mix, or dip, have fun with Jookjangyeon Ganjang to add depth and savoriness to your favorite sauce, dressing, or dish.
    • Keeping the traditional technique that has been passed down for many generations, it takes 1,000 days to ferment each jar of Jookjangyeon Ganjang.
    • Made with only natural ingredients, fermented soybeans, 3-year sun-dried sea salt, filtered natural bedrock water, and most importantly, time.
    • No chemical additives such as preservatives, artificial colorings or synthetic seasoning. Only mother nature and wisdom of time in this bottle.

    빈티지 간장, 기대되지 않으세요?  자연과 세월 이외에는 아무 것도 넣지 않은 죽장연 간장.  대한민국 청정지역에서 재배한 콩을 오랫동안 발효시켜 만듭니다.  엄선한 재료를 그야말로 전통방식으로 만드는 죽장연 간장.  뜨거운 햇살을 한껏 받는 죽장리의 주민들이 드리는 선물이에요.



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